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June 02, 2020, 02:09:29 pm


Osclass 3.9 released!

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General Discussion / Re: Osclass is Registering Spa...
Last post by Web-Media - Today at 01:55:58 pm
Yes. They are using directly the user controller
General Discussion / Osclass is Registering Spam Us...
Last post by muratbora - Today at 01:32:24 pm
Osclass is Registering Spam Users Without user-register.php file.
Recently I have noticed that my osclass sites had registered 20-30 thousands spams users.
I tried all spam plugins, captchta solutions. It did not stopped spam registration.

Finally I have removed user-register.php file from theme folder. I have schocked. It is still registering spam users.

How this is possible without user-register.php, it can be registered?
General Discussion / Re: How To Bulk Remove 21 Thou...
Last post by muratbora - Today at 01:27:28 pm
can you share a query example please? I have no knowledge about
General Discussion / Re: Unable to Prevent Spam Reg...
Last post by muratbora - Today at 01:26:08 pm
Update : For test propose I have removed " user-register.php " from hosting and it is still registering spam users. I see on dashboard.

How it is possible without user-register.php file those spam bots can register on Osclass site?
General Discussion / Re: How To Bulk Remove 21 Thou...
Last post by p206ab - Today at 01:24:53 pm
One way would be removing all users who have 0 ads, you could do that using database query. Or if the registrations were recently made, additionally limit to the time when you first noticed them, so you won't remove other older users with no ads who are not spam.
General Discussion / How To Bulk Remove 21 Thousand...
Last post by muratbora - Today at 12:47:09 pm
How To Bulk Remove 21 Thousands Spam Users? I have an Osclass site currently had 21 thousands spam user registration.
How Can I delete them in one time click? From dashboard it will take 1 week to remove all, because I can select only hundred users in each time.

Please advice me the easiest way?

General Discussion / Re: Change language
Last post by Web-Media - Today at 12:05:57 pm
Item country code will be available very late in the script flow just before reaching the theme file . You have few hooks left to play with .
You will need more than  a simple redirect .
If item location is germany and you have multilanguage enabled , and the user post the item in english   ? You need the whole new strategy from theme , languages, plugins .
General Discussion / Unable to Prevent Spam Registr...
Last post by muratbora - Today at 11:59:23 am
Unable to Prevent Spam Registration Osclass Sites;
Dear friends, please help me, I am getting crazy! as you see attachment, I can not stop spam registrations on Osclass web sites.
What is causing this? I have installed all of osclass spam & captchta plugins. It did not stopped.

Currently I am using Osclass core Spam and bots section. I have added Google captcta code. But still I receive a rainy spam registration ( 200- 300 registrations every day ).

https://www.antalya-dolphinarium.com/user/register normaly as human when you try to register without skipping Captchta answer, site gives error and you can not proceed.
But how I receive those rainy spam registrations than?
What could be reason?
I really want to remove Osclass. Please advice me how I can solve this?

General Discussion / Re: item meta
Last post by Osclass user - Today at 07:30:38 am
@Web-Media now its working perfectly!
Thank you very much for helping!
please integrate this one and also user-description in the next version of osclass!
Casual talk / Json data
Last post by Spider - Today at 06:45:23 am

How can I get user item Id only in json?

Api https://github.com/carpanese/osc-api


  "fk_i_item_id": "53055",
  "fk_c_country_code": "IN",
  "s_country": "India",
  "s_address": "",
  "s_zip": null,
  "fk_i_region_id": "781510",
  "s_region": "Maharashtra",
  "fk_i_city_id": "278320",
  "s_city": "Mumbai",
  "fk_i_city_area_id": null,
  "s_city_area": "",
  "d_coord_lat": null,
  "d_coord_long": null,
  "pk_i_id": "53055",
  "b_show_phone": "1",
  "fk_i_user_id": "30954",
  "fk_i_category_id": "73"}
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